What I Like to Read

I read a lot.

To get a true representation of how much I read you’d need to corner my husband, one of my parents, or school teachers and ask them. Since you can’t do that, I’ll give you the short version of their answer: “She reads all the time. I’ve found her reading over breakfast, lunch, dinner, during tv shows, in the car, in bed, on the sofa, on the floor, in a pile of blankets, in the bathroom, while brushing teeth, brushing hair, and while tying shoes. If there’s a pile of blankets on the sofa, odds are she’s in there reading a book.”

Not only do I read, but I read a variety of different genres and authors. Below is a lovely do-dad that lets you look at books I love. The “L” word is key, as I’ve read lots of books I enjoyed, but I don’t Love them, or I don’t feel they fit on this list. As time goes on and I find new authors who’s works fit my “Oh-I-Love-This-So-Much” list, you’ll find them here.

6 thoughts on “What I Like to Read

  1. Mike Dotson

    Enjoyed your book! Was pleased to find Eddings on your L list. Your dog?
    I have 2 beaucerons and a briard who I am training to be my diabetic alert dog.

    1. N. E. Conneely Post author

      Eddings is one of the reasons I fell in love with fantasy. My dog is a mystery mutt. I’ve heard great things about those breeds. Best of luck with the training!

  2. bonnye

    Just read witch for hire and I really enjoyed it. Went looking for the next in the series and was (of course) disappointed that I couldn’t read it right away. It is on my list to but in August. I enjoyed reading your book love list. I agreed with many on your list. Eddings, Tamora Pierce, Elizabeth Moon and Anne Logston were the four authors that dragged me into the world of fantasy and I have never looked back. Lackey, Briggs, Andrews, Sagara are some of my very favorites. Thanks for a great entertaining book.

  3. Jennifer

    I can not tell you how much I am enjoying your writing. Now that I have looked at your list of favorite books, I am not surprised. I love the fact that you have Mercedes Lackey on your list. She is a beloved author of mine. I have read and re-read her books countless times. The rest of your list also looked very similar to my bookshelf! I am looking forward to your third book. I was disappointed that it was not already out. I just found your books three days ago and I have already finished both of them. I inhaled them. If you ask my husband, he will tell you he has not seen much of me this weekend because I was reading. Thank you for the entertainment and I look forward to losing myself in your world for a while.

    1. N. E. Conneely Post author

      Reading this made my day! Mercedes Lackey is a talented lady who’s books brought me a lot of joy during high school. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten the third book out, but it’s coming soon!

  4. Tina Courts

    Oh wow no wonder I love reading your books as I am an avid reader like yourself. I read constantly and have since I was a young teenager. Looked at your list and there is only about 10 books I have not read yet. Will definitely check them out. Thank you for sharing as I am always on the lookout for new books.


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