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The audiobook of Witch for Hire will be out in early February. Yup, you read that right, just a couple of weeks!  I don’t have a sample of audio to share, but let me say, I’m in love with what the narrator has created, and I think it’s a rocking good time.

Witch for Hire Audiobook 

I also have the long awaited cover for my third novel, A Witch’s Trial. Originally, I’d hoped to have the book out by now, but it will be released when it’s the highest quality work that it can be and not a moment sooner. My previous books were published on hopes, dreams, and spare change. Thanks to the amazing support you guys have given me, my process has been able to change and that will be reflected in the work.

A Witch's Trial


4 thoughts on “Audiobook and Covers

  1. Jess

    I’ve read the books in print, but I loved listening to “Witch for Hire” on audible! It really brought it to life; can’t wait to hear the others in the series!



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