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Handyman for Hire Released!


Logan had a perfectly good life, thank you very much, before the accident, before he was turned, before he woke up a vampire. These days he’s an out-of-work handyman because Ellijay, Georgia, isn’t exactly a thriving metropolis, and there isn’t much work for a guy who’s only available at night.

He’s spending yet another night at the graveyard, thinking of what was and what could have been and wishing life hadn’t been so cruel, when a car wheezes into the parking lot. Logan may be down on his luck, but life isn’t done with him.

Handyman for Hire is a stand-alone short story from the world of the Witch’s Path series.

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New Release: Fey At Heart


It should have been one of the best days of Fireheart’s life, but instead of welcoming his child into the world, he lost both his wife and daughter.

Time has done its part, but it hasn’t been enough. Fireheart needs to focus on something outside himself. He needs someone to help him see the wonders and magic around him. He needs to find a fey hearted—a human who would be happier living in the fey world—and mentor her as she adjusts to a new life.

Iris has everything she expected in life—a loving husband and three adorable children—but a part of her heart longs for adventure, excitement, and something fantastical. When she awakens in a magic world, she finds herself torn between her childhood dreams and her adult reality. She only has one night to make a choice that will reshape lives in both worlds.

Hours can change a life, but can hours fix the lives of two people who can’t find happiness on their own?

Fey At Heart is a prequel to Fey Hearted.

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