Bloopers from A Witch’s Concern

This week I’ve been doing some editing on Book 5 (still unnamed) and came across bloopers from A Witch’s Concern that I thought might give you a chuckle. Side note: some of these goofs were in sections that were cut from the final draft.

– She wasn’t the one who’d been answering quest after question.
– They frost door closed behind as my phone started ringing
– Officer Carlow nodded in my direction. He was [INSERT SOMETHING MAGICAL]. Then add physical description since I currently don’t have a freakin clue.
– The spell wavered near the ned.
– They had to kill kill me
– Mom and Dad matched down the aisle
– I potted Elron at the table
– Bethany jogged over, creating us as soon as we got out of the car.
– The hair not he back of my neck took up
– I didn’t seem have any serious injuring
– Arms crossed, food tapping
– We slowed to a store
– He was getting tired of reducing me from nature.
– Drinking the door bell
– She was wearing pants boots
– I’d rather try to navigate through the myriad of dental hallways
– I stubbed my town on my first step

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