Box Set and New Audio

A Witch’s Path Books 1 – 3 are now in one tidy boxset available now at Amazon!

Along with the ebook, the audiobook box set, completely remastered with more than 20 hours of fun, is available at Audible and Amazon.

This fall production will start on the audiobook versions of A Witch’s Concern, A Witch’s Rite, and A Witch’s Demons. The next three books will have the same narrator for the male roles, but a new narrator for Michelle. Over the next couple of months I should have all sorts of fun things like live streamed audio recordings.

2 thoughts on “Box Set and New Audio

  1. Marci

    I have some very happy truckers on my crew who have been waiting for the audiobooks. They are “To busy” to read ur book but have all the time to listen to them. I think it has to do with their man card.


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