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A Witch’s Concern Cover Art

I hope you guys like the cover because I'm in love!

A Witch's Concern Cover

A Witch’s Concern (Witch’s Path Series Book 4)

Michelle has been figuring out what her life is like now that the demon has been killed, and Sylvia and Varro are dead. Even the clans of witches trying to attract her to their way of life have backed off and given her a chance to grieve. Her relationship with Elron is stronger than ever, but there are things left unsaid.

On the way to her parents’ wedding, the delicate calm she’d been living in is broken. Witches are out for her blood, her family is caught in the crossfire, and friendships are threatened. Work doesn’t let up either, and she partners up with Elron to deal with magic gone wild. Michelle finds that her problems are larger than one clan of witches, and is forced to choose between the people she holds dear and the way of life she loves.

A Witch’s Concern will be out July or August of 2015.

Click here for a sneak peek at A Witch’s Concern.

Audiobooks Everywhere!

Ladies, Gents, and other sentient beings reading this, I have exciting news!

Are you ready?

A Witch’s Path, A Witch’s Trial, and A Witch’s Concern are coming out as audiobooks! I don’t have release dates yet, but I think all of them will be out this fall and winter. A Witch’s Path will start production next month and the rest will follow.

So, if you enjoyed listening to Witch for Hire the rest are on their way, and I’ll keep you updated.

In unrelated news, I’ll be releasing the cover art for A Witch’s Concern next week. Also, I’m still hoping for a July release but there is a chance it could get pushed back to August. I’ll do my best to get it out in July but you have been warned that it could be late.

If you are wondering where the teaser is for A Witch’s Concern… That’s a good question. The book is still out for edits and I’m reluctant to release something that is full of errors. Clearly, I should’ve planned this better when I said I’d release an excerpt. Bad author, no cookie.

As far as writing is going, I’m making good progress on the Fey Book. At some point I’ll have to name that thing, but I’m not very fond of naming books and I don’t have any good inspiration. Sometime after I hit 20,000 words, I’ll release the preliminary blurb/teaser.



May Update

A Witch’s Concern (Witch’s Path Book 4) is back with the editor. One beta reader liked it and hopefully, the editor and other beta readers have the same feeling. By the time I worked through the edits, it was a very different book. To me they were good differences, but I’m never sure how you guys will feel.

I’ve turned my attention away from Michelle’s world, or at least writing in that world, because I want to get A Witch’s Concern good and settled before I think about what comes next. Some good material was cut from the first draft and I’d like you guys to be able to read it, but I have to find the right home for it. Maybe that will be in Book 5, but I have a feeling some of it will end up as short stories, novellas, or as extras on the website. I’ll let you know when decisions have been made.

The first “other project” I’m putting time into is my Fey book, which needs a lot of love to come to life. While that’s going on, I’ll also be working on the long awaited print version. Thats one project that keeps getting pushed back because I know you want new material and I want to give you new material.

On the personal side of things, my house is starting to come together. There’s still a long list of things that need attention, but it’s moving past the things that make the place fun to live in and to things that are good for the health of the house. (I’m very luck to have helpful family members!!) As more and more of the livability items go away, I’ll get happier, more comfortable, and more productive. It always takes me some time to get settled after a big move. Oregon to Georgia counts as a big move.