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More Audiobooks and a Giveaway!

A Witch's Path AudiobookA Witch’s Path and A Witch’s Trial are now out as audiobooks! In celebration, I’m having a giveaway. Five lucky people will get a free copy of both audiobooks!

I really love these books and Jeff did a fantastic job. You can listen to samples over here or on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

Click Here for a chance to win a copy of these audiobooks.


A Witch's Trial AudiobookIf you’d rather get the books right, one of these links is for you.

Get A Witch’s Path Audiobook at Amazon/Audible.
Get A Witch’s Path Audiobook at iTunes.

Get A Witch’s Trial Audiobook at Amazon/Audible.
Get A Witch’s Trial Audiobook at iTunes.

A Witch’s Path Audiobook

 A Witch’s Path is now out as an audiobook. The narration is amazing, and you should go check it out!

You can get it by clicking on the picture or this link.

The next book, A Witch’s Trial, will be out as an audiobook early next month. In other news, I’ll start releasing teasers for my next release, Fey Hearted, in the next couple of weeks. Also, I’ll be at Dragon Con next month so expect pictures and a post about that awesome weekend too.

Audiobooks Everywhere!

Ladies, Gents, and other sentient beings reading this, I have exciting news!

Are you ready?

A Witch’s Path, A Witch’s Trial, and A Witch’s Concern are coming out as audiobooks! I don’t have release dates yet, but I think all of them will be out this fall and winter. A Witch’s Path will start production next month and the rest will follow.

So, if you enjoyed listening to Witch for Hire the rest are on their way, and I’ll keep you updated.

In unrelated news, I’ll be releasing the cover art for A Witch’s Concern next week. Also, I’m still hoping for a July release but there is a chance it could get pushed back to August. I’ll do my best to get it out in July but you have been warned that it could be late.

If you are wondering where the teaser is for A Witch’s Concern… That’s a good question. The book is still out for edits and I’m reluctant to release something that is full of errors. Clearly, I should’ve planned this better when I said I’d release an excerpt. Bad author, no cookie.

As far as writing is going, I’m making good progress on the Fey Book. At some point I’ll have to name that thing, but I’m not very fond of naming books and I don’t have any good inspiration. Sometime after I hit 20,000 words, I’ll release the preliminary blurb/teaser.



Audiobook and Covers

The audiobook of Witch for Hire will be out in early February. Yup, you read that right, just a couple of weeks!  I don’t have a sample of audio to share, but let me say, I’m in love with what the narrator has created, and I think it’s a rocking good time.

Witch for Hire Audiobook 

I also have the long awaited cover for my third novel, A Witch’s Trial. Originally, I’d hoped to have the book out by now, but it will be released when it’s the highest quality work that it can be and not a moment sooner. My previous books were published on hopes, dreams, and spare change. Thanks to the amazing support you guys have given me, my process has been able to change and that will be reflected in the work.

A Witch's Trial