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About that Mystery Project

Some of you may have noticed the progress bars on my website. If you didn’t, this is what was there for the past three months.

Mystery Project Progress Bar


I’ve been working on “Witch’s Path World Mystery Project” since the middle of July. With that title you might have thought it was a full length Logan novel. It isn’t.

Let me introduce you a new series in Michelle’s world, one I hope you’ll love as much as I do.

Earth Born

A Dragon Lands Mystery

At twenty-two years old Shasta Oaks finally has her first job with the family business, Oaks Consulting. However, instead of tracking down criminals, she’s in the Dragon Lands of Wyoming teaching adolescent dragons how to behave should they venture into the rest of the country. Some groups are better than others. The current lot is not better. In fact, they keep falling out of the sky. It’s a good thing she’s a half-elf half-witch or she’d have some very squished dragons on her hands.

With such an straightforward job, it could’ve been the solo assignment she requested. Instead Oaks Consulting, and more accurately her parents, gave her a partner. Cord is a perfectly nice elf, but he’s hiding something. Even though it’s causing strain in their relationship, she isn’t inclined to discuss the issue. Shasta has a secret of her own, one she’s spent her entire life hiding, and she’s afraid he’ll ask questions she can’t answer.

When one of her dragons goes missing, Shasta quickly discovers that the job isn’t as safe as everyone thought. There’s evil brewing in the Dragon Lands. If she wants to save the dragons, she’ll have to embrace the parts of her she’d been hiding and show the world the real Shasta.

Read an excerpt.

Earth Born will be released January 2018.

Box Set and New Audio

A Witch’s Path Books 1 – 3 are now in one tidy boxset available now at Amazon!

Along with the ebook, the audiobook box set, completely remastered with more than 20 hours of fun, is available at Audible and Amazon.

This fall production will start on the audiobook versions of A Witch’s Concern, A Witch’s Rite, and A Witch’s Demons. The next three books will have the same narrator for the male roles, but a new narrator for Michelle. Over the next couple of months I should have all sorts of fun things like live streamed audio recordings.

August 2016 Update

This week had been low key. I’ve been taking time off, recharging the writing tank, planning future projects, and giving attention to all the things I neglected while finishing up A Witch’s Rite. I’ve gone to the gym, cooked some fantastic dinners, made some soap, started a backsplash for the kitchen, and simply focused on life. Along with that, I’ve been writing just for fun. It’s hard to say if the fun writing will ever be published.

I do have work projects coming up, but I need to talk about one of them. Fey Hearted 2 is a book I really want to write, and originally I’d planned to start on it when A Witch’s Rite was finished. However, I have a rule that my published books must pay for future books. Fey Hearted hasn’t done that yet. In addition, the story line for Fey Hearted 2 (and 3) simply hasn’t come together.

I’m committed to continuing the series, even if they never sell the way I’d like, because I love it. After more internal debate than I like to confess to, I’ve found an uncomfortable compromise. Next week I’ll start work on a novella length prequel to Fey Hearted featuring Iris. Then I’ll put more work into the Witch’s Path Series (Book 6 and perhaps Case Files Vol. 2), and hopefully in spring of 2017 I’ll write Fey Hearted 2 and 3.

This isn’t ideal. It makes fans of both or either series sad. Either way you aren’t getting books as quickly as you’d like. However, as an artist, I need to work in different worlds and explore different characters. Those very things are why I fell in love with reading and writing in the first place. To only work in one world, be it Witch’s Path or Fey Hearted or something completely different, would make me burn out. I need to explore, create, and joyfully play with writing. That’s what makes me get up every day and want to keep doing this.

I hope, be you a fan of the Witch’s Path Series, Fey Hearted, or both, you can understand my decisions. It’s part cold practical business, part wild artist, and part serious writer. Balancing all of those things tends to feel more like finding a new imbalance, but I think that’s just life.

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Introducing A Witch’s Rite

A Witch's Rite (Small)Let me introduce you to A Witch’s Rite (Witch’s Path Series Book Five).

Michelle is getting used to her new life, one with clans, parents, a loving grandmother, and a boyfriend. Balancing all her obligations is becoming more difficult, but police cases won’t wait for anyone and when they call, she has to answer.
It starts out like any other case. Suspicious magic has been reported and the police need Michelle to help them check it out. When it turns out that the magic is deep in the Cohutta Wilderness Area, Michelle asks Elron to accompany her. It isn’t long before she’s learning just how much she doesn’t know about the woods.
When that small problem turns into a really big problem, spells are flying, danger is everywhere, and only one question remains. Will they escape alive?
A Witch’s Rite will be out in September or October of 2016 and will be available for pre-order.