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Sequels of all Flavors

I’ve had some questions about a potential sequel to Fey Hearted and the status of the Witch’s Path Series. So, let me answer the burning questions!

Fey Hearted will have a sequel. I plan to start work on the story line in a few weeks. Now, before you get too excited, it took eight months (maybe more?) for Fey Hearted to be written, edited, and publish. That’s not counting the year or more I had the idea in my head before I started writing. I’d like to see the sequel to Fey Hearted out later this year, but I am making no promises on a publication time frame.

Witch’s Path Book Five is about to go into the editing process. And the naming process. I’m eyeing a late summer release. While (what I lovingly call) Draft Zero is complete, it still needs a lot of work. (Editing, rewrite, a lot more editing, a title, cover art, and blurb.)

The Witch’s Path Short stories are still in the works. I need to do some rewriting on them and then they need to go to through the editing process. I don’t have a release date, but I’m crossing my fingers for late June.

For those of you questioning how I’ll manage two ongoing series, I have an answer, but none of you will like it. The plan is to alternate books. For example, I wrote Fey Hearted and then wrote Book Five. Now that Book 5 will be out of my hands for a while, I’ll start of Fey Hearted 2. This will continue until one or both series ends. Now, if you guys like the first set of Witch’s Path Short stories, I’ll try to release the short stories when I know you’ll have a wait for the next Witch’s Path book. Does that make sense? If not, ask questions!

Edit: I forgot to mention that I’m planning a Fey Hearted Prequel.

May Update

A Witch’s Concern (Witch’s Path Book 4) is back with the editor. One beta reader liked it and hopefully, the editor and other beta readers have the same feeling. By the time I worked through the edits, it was a very different book. To me they were good differences, but I’m never sure how you guys will feel.

I’ve turned my attention away from Michelle’s world, or at least writing in that world, because I want to get A Witch’s Concern good and settled before I think about what comes next. Some good material was cut from the first draft and I’d like you guys to be able to read it, but I have to find the right home for it. Maybe that will be in Book 5, but I have a feeling some of it will end up as short stories, novellas, or as extras on the website. I’ll let you know when decisions have been made.

The first “other project” I’m putting time into is my Fey book, which needs a lot of love to come to life. While that’s going on, I’ll also be working on the long awaited print version. Thats one project that keeps getting pushed back because I know you want new material and I want to give you new material.

On the personal side of things, my house is starting to come together. There’s still a long list of things that need attention, but it’s moving past the things that make the place fun to live in and to things that are good for the health of the house. (I’m very luck to have helpful family members!!) As more and more of the livability items go away, I’ll get happier, more comfortable, and more productive. It always takes me some time to get settled after a big move. Oregon to Georgia counts as a big move.

Book 4 Update

I know I haven’t been around much and I promised a teaser so I wanted to let you know where I was with A Witch’s Concern (AKA Book 4 or AWC).

AWC came back from the editor (an an alpha reader) not that long ago with very valuable notes. After a small tantrum and soul-searching, it’s getting what I think of as a total re-write. The second draft will have big, significant, all-over-the-place changes. Something like a quarter of the book is being taken out, and will be replaced with entirely different parts of the story.

That’s a lot of changes, and because of the scope of the edits, I’m holding off on any snippets because I’m not sure what’s going to stay or leave and I don’t want to release a section that will have references to story arcs that won’t be in the finished book.

If that sounds like a trivial reason, think of what I’m doing as being on the same level of difficulty as trying to remove Ty from A Witch’s Path. Entire chunks of the book would need to be reworked and there are references to him tucked away like easter eggs.

I would hate for you to see references to a Ty-like event and find out when you read the published version that no such sequence happens.

Release Dates Update

I’ve got a gimpy hand, which is on the mend but I don’t want to stress it, so this will be short and to the point.

The Witch for Hire Audiobook is with the publishing gnomes over at Audible. I don’t have a firm release day, but I expect it to be out between Friday (Feb. 6) and Wednesday (Feb. 11).

A Witch’s Trial is still going through edits. Please don’t attack me with a pitchfork! I can’t work any faster than my editor and I’d like this book to be nice and polished before publication since that’s been an issue in the past.

Book 4 has been named A Witch’s Concern. It’s early in the game to talk about release dates, and I’m going to be pessimistic with my guess (because optimistic hasn’t worked) and say July or August 2015.

I’ve also started on another book in an unrelated universe. Stand alone or series is up in the air, as are most things about the book, but if you are curious about it’s progress you can look at the progress meter under “Fey Book” on the right sidebar (though it doesn’t show up on the mobile version of the website).

A Witch’s Path Book 5 is in the theory stage. The goal for this year is to publish 3 to 5 books and it’s right after the Fey Book on my To-Do list. There are a lot of reasons for doing the fey book, which I’ll get into when my hand isn’t burning, but the bottom line is that I need to mix things up to keep the creative juices flowing.