Character List

Main Characters:
Michelle Oaks- Clan-less witch who works as a consultant for the police
Nancy Oaks- Michelle’s mother, weak witch who works in the medial field
Greg Nelson- Michelle’s father, powerful wizard
Elron- elf, works at Kennesaw University tending the magical garden.
Tiffany Long- good friend of Michelle’s, private detective who mostly works cheating spouse cases Amber- good friend of Michelle’s, werepeacock, paralegal at a law firm Dotson and Company in Canton.
Mark Baker- Amber’s human boyfriend
Sylvia- elf, Elron’s wife

From Landa’s Lodge:
Landa- brownie, female owner of Landa’s Lodge
Mander- brownie, male owner of Landa’s Lodge
Priscele- wood nymph that lives at the lodge.
Paxton- vampire
Baden- weretiger, bengal tiger
Ty- Michelle’s pet T-Rex
Varro- fey

Kennesaw University:
Professor Brandon Johnson- botanist at university, Elron’s boss
Luke- centaur, student at university.

Ederin- President of the United States of America, dragon
Gremory- demon
Enethre- male unicorn, mate of Elise
Elise- female unicorn, mate of Enthre
Andrew Wright- medial witch, Galinns clan

Local Werewolves:
Simon- former alpha, Adder’s father
Adder- temporary alpha, Simon’s son
Liam O’Neil- current local alpha
Bobby- pack sage(spiritual advisor)

Horst- head gargoyle
Julius- staying in the lodge

Police Staff for areas:

Gordon- police officer, sergeant
Henry – police officer, vampire
Jerry McKade- police officer, hedge-wizard

Jones- police officer, hedge-wizard
Davis- Sheriff, werebear
Carls- assistant sheriff, human
Hammer- Chief Deputy
White- police officer, werejaguar
Walker- police officer
Smith- detective
Baker- police officer werewolf
Miller- police officer
Ray- police officer werewolf
Simmons- police officer
Johnson- police officer weredog
Walters- police officer

Cherokee: (Michelle’s home county)
Rodriguez- police officer, hedge-wizard
Links- crime scene tech.
Burke- crime scene tech.

Randy Wells- police detective, wereoctopus, six fingers on each hand
Patrick Westmoreland- police officer, hedge-wizard.
John Becker- police officer, vampire
Noah Gudger- police officer, werebear
Stallings- police officer, animal control, fey
Shalatar- police officer, animal control, elf

Page Queen- police officer,hedge-witch blond hair, blue eyes, very capable
Briggs- police officer, big guy, werebear.
O’Neil- police officer, werebadger

Bethany Travis- police officer, witch of Bera clan

Hal King- police officer, hedge-wizard, human.
Grady- police officer, human and archer.
Nell- police officer, female elf
Jacks- police officer werecoyote,
Lieutenant Johnson- helicopter copilot
Captain Mann- helicopter pilot
Sergeant Cooper
Pvt. Trent
Major Robins
Rexie/Ty- T. Rex, twelve feet tall and thirty five feet long
Lt. Cage- wizard, healer, Elefant clan
Lt. Albertson “Al”- wizard, scrying,

Matthew Clark- police officer, hedge-wizard
Andrew Wright- medial witch, Galinns clan

Wapiti- Gretchen Tomlin (minister)
Haedus- Latasha Farrer (minister)
Aap- Kim Scotcher (minister)
Kamelos- Ingrid Burch (minister)
Tructa- no one mentioned by name.
Maus- no one mentioned by name.
Zarafa- no one mentioned by name.

Lt. Cage- Elefant
Bethany Travis- witch of Bera clan
Andrew- Galinns clan

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