Clan Markings

I have to admit that these are really old drawings so some of the names don’t reflect what  is in the books, but I’m a terrible artist and doubt I can draw something any better. That said, these are the clan markings from the book. Also known as clan tattoos and clan scars.

First we have Michelle’s Clan scar. This marking is a mixture of three different scars witches can have. It has the curved X of the Ieldra symbol, the up-facing quarter-circles of her mother’s clan, and the sharp angled lines from her father’s clan scar.

Michelle's Clan Scar

Michelle’s Clan Scar

Then we have the three clan scars that came together to make Michelle’s. I went through several different symbols when selecting these, but in the end this is what worked. All of the clan markings are roughly based off now dead runic languages like Elder Futhark. (Please note that the symbol labeled Elder is actually the mark of the Ieldra.)

Other Important Clan Scars

Other Important Clan Scars