Q: Will we see more of Michelle? six books isn’t enough.
A: The story was planned as a trilogy. But, you guys have talked me into more books! The current estimate is 8 or more.

Q: When is the seventh book in the Witch’s Path Series going to be released?
A: I’d love to see it out in between February and June 2018. If you are on my mailing list you will get a notification, otherwise check in periodically.

Q: Is Witch for Hire your first published work?
A: Yes, Witch for Hire is my first published work. It is also the first novel I finished.

Q: Should I read your books in a particular order?
A: You don’t have to, but this is the order I recommend

Q: Is Fey Hearted part of the Witch’s Path Series?
A: No. It is a stand alone novel in an entirely new world. The current recommended reading order is Fey Hearted then the prequel Fey At Heart.

Q: About that Newsletter…
A: You can sign up via the box on the right side of the screen or bottom of the screen if you are on the mobile site. I send out quarterly updates, and new release notifications. I don’t share your email address with anyone, and you can opt out at any time.

Q: What else do you have in the works?
A: I have three series in the works, Witch’s Path Series, Fey Hearted, and Michelle’s Case Files. I rotate between the two worlds. Right now, I’m work on A Witch’s Path Series Book 6 and sequel to Fey Hearted. My primary projects are listed on the right side of the screen. My “To-Do List” has more than 13 projects awaiting my attention.

Q: Do you have anything else I can read Now?
A: Yes. You can read the Fey Hearted series. Oh, you want more Michelle? Well, as I finish things related to A Witch’s Path Series that will not make it into the books (and don’t contain spoilers) I will post them here.

Q: Are you a full time writer?
A: Yes, these stories never leave me alone. Ty has interrupted my dinner to make himself known. Michelle had the bad manners to wake me up with her storying dancing through my mind.

Oh, you wanted to know if I had another job… No! Thanks to you guys (yes, you!!) I was able to become a full time writer in the spring of 2015. Every time you buy my book (Thank you!!!!), or shop at Amazon through one of my links, you keep me pecking away at the keyboard.

Q: What’s your privacy policy?
A: My privacy policy is very simple. I don’t share any of your information. When you sign up for my Newsletter, you are giving your information to MailChimp, who I use to organize my e-mail newsletters and announcements. Their privacy policy is Here, and you’ll want to scroll down to Your List/ 9. Your Distribution Lists because this is the part that applies to you. Their policy is as simple as mine, “Your subscriber lists [That’s anyone who signed up for my newsletter] are stored on a secure MailChimp server. We don’t, under any circumstances, sell your lists, contact people on your lists, market to people on your lists, steal your lists, or share your lists with any other party, unless it’s required by law.”

They go on in more detail, which I encourage you to read if you’re concerned, but the bottom line is that I am not sharing your information or using a service that shares your information.

Q: Do you use affiliate links?
A: Yes. Affiliate programs, like those run by Amazon, will pay N. E Conneely a small affiliate commission on any of your purchases. Your cost is not increased by clicking on the link.
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      There will be paperbacks and, ideally, they’ll come out this summer. They’ve been stuck on my to-do list for a while and keep getting pushed down by other things. I think I’ve finally gotten enough stuff sorted out that I can give the paperbacks some attention after I finish writing Book 4.


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