Introducing A Witch’s Rite

A Witch's Rite (Small)Let me introduce you to A Witch’s Rite (Witch’s Path Series Book Five).

Michelle is getting used to her new life, one with clans, parents, a loving grandmother, and a boyfriend. Balancing all her obligations is becoming more difficult, but police cases won’t wait for anyone and when they call, she has to answer.
It starts out like any other case. Suspicious magic has been reported and the police need Michelle to help them check it out. When it turns out that the magic is deep in the Cohutta Wilderness Area, Michelle asks Elron to accompany her. It isn’t long before she’s learning just how much she doesn’t know about the woods.
When that small problem turns into a really big problem, spells are flying, danger is everywhere, and only one question remains. Will they escape alive?
A Witch’s Rite will be out in September or October of 2016 and will be available for pre-order.

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