North Georgia is Burning

North Georgia is burning. The Rough Ridge Fire is destroying the Cohutta Wilderness area. If you read my Witch’s Path books you may recognize that name. That’s where the majority of A Witch’s Rite takes place. I have good memories of the area, and it’s very dear to so many of my friends and family.

Every day the numbers go up, but more than 21,000 acres are involved. The Cohutta Wilderness is only 37,000 acres. With no measurable rain in recent weeks, and none on the forecast, odds are the entire Cohutta will be consumed. I know when I go back it won’t look the same.

Even where I live, miles and miles away, smoke has settled over the city, making the sky hazy and breathing difficult. There’s been so much smoke around the greater Atlanta area that fire departments here have been fielding calls. The news picked up the story to inform citizens that they weren’t smelling a fire, but smoke from Rough Ridge that had settled here.

In the news it’s a fire, a bad one, uncommon in this area, and the result of a very dry summer and fall. To those of us who’ve lived in those mountains and love those mountains it’s so much more. We’re losing something beautiful, unique, and precious.

Photos from the Rough Ridge Fire in Georgia

The Noveling Time of Year

In November people all around the world spend 30 days doing their very best to write 50,000 words. National Novel Writing Month, or as most people call it NaNoWriMo, is what started my career. Both Witch for Hire and A Witch’s Path started out as NaNoWriMo projects.

I’ll be doing NaNoWriMo this month and encourage anyone dreaming of writing a novel to make their way over to and join in! One of the best part of NaNoWriMo is the fellowship. Often writing is a very solitary event, and this is one time where it’s easy to find other writers and make new friends!

A Witch’s Rite Released

Michelle is getting used to her new life, one with clans, parents, a loving grandmother, and a boyfriend. But her old responsibilities are still around. The police still need her help, and balancing all her obligations is becoming more difficult, but police cases won’t wait for anyone, and when the police call, she has to answer.

It starts out like any other case. Suspicious magic has been reported, and the police need Michelle to help them check it out. When it turns out that the magic is deep in the Cohutta Wilderness Area, Michelle asks Elron to accompany her. It isn’t long before she’s learning just how much she doesn’t know about the woods.

When that small problem turns into a really big problem, spells are flying, danger is everywhere, and only one question remains. Will they escape alive?

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A Witch’s Rite Update

Good news! A Witch’s Rite will be in Kindle Unlimited!

I want to thank all of you who’ve pre-ordered A Witch’s Rite. Seeing those numbers has really bolstered my spirits during all of this. For those of you who typically read through Kindle Unlimited and pre-ordered after my previous announcement, it won’t hurt my feelings if you cancel your pre-order and read through Kindle Unlimited.  (Yes! You can cancel or return e-books and I want you to do what’s best for you!)

There’s no doubt in my mind some of you are frustrated with me and frustrated with this change. I’m sorry. This has been a very challenging and volatile time. By nature, I’m a shy and private person, which makes this level of sharing and vulnerability difficult. As a business woman, I hate that I can’t seem to settle on a path through all of this. Since my evaluation of the situation continues to change, the best I can do is be honest and open with you guys. I’ve cried. I’ve talked over everything countless times with people I love and trust. I’ve looked at numbers until my head throbbed and my eyes ached.

At this moment I feel that placing A Witch’s Rite in Kindle Unlimited is for the best. I want each and every one of you to know I think about how my choices impact you. I read every bit of email you send, every post or message (be it on here or Twitter). I know some of you wish my books were in other formats or on other retailers. I know for some of you KU is your entire book budget. I know some of you save up to buy my books. I’m always grateful for each and every one of you, no matter how you read my books. You’ve given me a career that I love. In return I try to write books you love.