Reading Order

There are a lot of ways to read my books, and none of them are wrong! However, as a reader myself, I sometimes want to know the best order to read an author’s work. What is outlined below is the order I think gives you the best experience.

Witch’s Path and Michelle:
Witch for Hire (Witch’s Path Book 1)
A Witch’s Path (Witch’s Path Book 2)
A Witch’s Trial (Witch’s Path Book 3)
A Witch’s Concern (Witch’s Path Book 4)
Michelle’s Case Files (Vol. 1)
A Witch’s Rite (Witch’s Path Book 5)
A Witch’s Rite (Witch’s Path Book 6) (Coming Summer 2017)

Witch’s Path World Stories:
(Best read after Witch for Hire, but can currently be read in any order.)
Handyman for Hire
Oceanside (Coming Soon)

Fey Hearted:
Fey Hearted (Book 1)
Fey At Heart (Prequel)

Science Fiction Short Stories:
Will to Live: The Simulation (Will to Live 1)
Will to Live: The Mission (Will to Live 2)
Will to Live: The Pod (Will to Live 3) (Coming Soon)