Release Dates Update

I’ve got a gimpy hand, which is on the mend but I don’t want to stress it, so this will be short and to the point.

The Witch for Hire Audiobook is with the publishing gnomes over at Audible. I don’t have a firm release day, but I expect it to be out between Friday (Feb. 6) and Wednesday (Feb. 11).

A Witch’s Trial is still going through edits. Please don’t attack me with a pitchfork! I can’t work any faster than my editor and I’d like this book to be nice and polished before publication since that’s been an issue in the past.

Book 4 has been named A Witch’s Concern. It’s early in the game to talk about release dates, and I’m going to be pessimistic with my guess (because optimistic hasn’t worked) and say July or August 2015.

I’ve also started on another book in an unrelated universe. Stand alone or series is up in the air, as are most things about the book, but if you are curious about it’s progress you can look at the progress meter under “Fey Book” on the right sidebar (though it doesn’t show up on the mobile version of the website).

A Witch’s Path Book 5 is in the theory stage. The goal for this year is to publish 3 to 5 books and it’s right after the Fey Book on my To-Do list. There are a lot of reasons for doing the fey book, which I’ll get into when my hand isn’t burning, but the bottom line is that I need to mix things up to keep the creative juices flowing.

6 thoughts on “Release Dates Update

  1. Mia

    I really try not to reach for my pitchfork but it’s quite difficult. Though I think my husband is much more of a danger to you as I complain every evening: “The book hasn’t been released yet! I want to read it. Right now!” (this has been going on since december the 15th…) And I really do miss Elron. So please hurry 🙂

    1. N. E. Conneely Post author

      I promise it will be out as quickly as I can manage without compromising quality 🙂 I might be more worried after you read the third book. Elron has a rough time.

  2. Dwight

    I just finished listening to A Witch for Hire from Audible and I/my wife have only one question. Are they goping to be doing any more of the A Witch’s Path series? And if so – when?? In withdrawal given my commute (1 hour).

    I’ve aleady suggestedd that Audible relese your books….

    1. N. E. Conneely Post author

      Thank you for suggesting my books to Audible! Sadly, I don’t have a good answer for you. I worked directly with Jeff to get With for Hire produced and would be doing the same with future books. It all depends on the sales and if they are strong enough to support investing in additional audiobooks. Until I get enough data to make a decision, I don’t know if or when the rest of the series will come out as an audiobook. I’m sorry 🙁


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