The Legend

From time to time I’ll have short works that don’t fit in the books. The ones that are ready for your eyes will end up here.

The Legend
– an origin story of Michelle’s world.

A long time ago only wild beasts roamed the land. One day a large meteorite crashed into the earth. Some time later, a rock cracked open and an adult dragon emerged. The dragon helped another dragon out of a rock. The two of them found a nearby cave, and made it their home. Though badly injured, the two dragons gathered the meteorite fragments and moved them to the cave.

The pieces of rock they collected were more than stone. They were eggs, with young dragons growing inside. Sadly, the dragons were unable to find all of the fragments.

Over time the young dragons hatched from many of the eggs. Most of the dragons were healthy, but a few were born with deformities. They were missing wings, legs, or had large scars, marks from their trip to earth. The legless dragons became wyrms of the sea, and the wingless became wyrms of the land. The rest have stayed largely unchanged; the dragons of the air that are still among us today.

Other eggs did not hatch dragons, but human-like creatures who were full of magic. They became the Fey. The Fey did not take one shape or form, but many. They were elemental and spiritual creatures, who found a place alongside the beast of earth. Over time they diversified into many races and creatures, some of whom are still considered members of the Fey.

6 thoughts on “The Legend

  1. Ziska

    Hi ya,

    I bought A Witch’s Path as soon as I got the email that it is out. And the waiting was really worth it. I started reading it right away and couldn’t put it aside. I finished it within the day (and night). I just loved it. Michelles world totally absorbed me and I laughed, worried, cried with her and Elron and so on (no matter where I was reading it).

    I wish you good luck writing book 3. I can’t wait to know how Michelles story is going to continue. Would be a great birthday or Christmas gift for myself if it’s going to be out in December.

    Thank you for the books. Best Wishes

  2. Judie

    Love the Witch’s Path Series… can’t wait for next book….. would you consider creating and writing back stories maybe in a novella for others that feature strongly in these books such as Wells, Landa etc

    1. N. E. Conneely Post author

      I can’t say I’ve considered writing stories about Well or Landa specifically, but I do think about writing short stories and novellas for several of the characters. So far most of the stories lack oomph so they haven’t gone very far. Odds are I’ll continue the Handyman for Hire story. I’ve considered writing Burly’s story, though it would either end up being very dark or a romance. Realistically, most of the spin-off stories will feature new characters with the existing group making cameos.


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